The partnership will allow MyndVR to expand its content offerings for older adults.

American VR digital therapeutic company MyndVR and European company Oroi announced a strategic partnership to expand MyndVR’s catalog of cognitive, physical and occupational therapies using Oroi content.

Oroi is a VR content platform aimed at improving the wellbeing and cognitive stimulation of seniors. The company currently works in Spain, France, Germany and the U.K.

With the partnership, MyndVR will offer Oroi Cognitive, which includes several exercises and games simulating daily life situations like orienting oneself within a city, shopping in a market, getting dressed and cleaning a room.

Additionally, MyndVR will utilize Oroi Fit, a VR exercise app that combines physical exercise with immersive content where users can row down a river or bike in the countryside.

«What we’re adding with Oroi is an entirely new portfolio of brain games and exercises, and physical and cognitive exercises. So they’ve created some amazing content for seniors in Europe that we have translated now into American English, etc. And that content now will be riding on the MyndVR network in the U.S.,» Chris Brickler, CEO and cofounder of MyndVR, told MobiHealthNews.

«They kind of have the same cultural mindset that we do around the love/care/compassion model of providing this content to our seniors. And so the cultural fit is just really, really great.

«Then I think the blending of some of the avant-garde content that they’ve been preparing for seniors in Europe that are really facing some of the same challenges that our seniors face here, obviously. It’s just a great way for us to expand the content that we are able to provide on the network.»


Senior-focused MyndVR has grown in the past several years, announcing partnerships between the company and other organizations.

MyndVR formed a strategic partnership with HTC VIVE, a virtual reality platform for businesses and consumers. HTC VIVE’s VR accelerator, VIVE X, and MyndVR teamed up to launch MyndVR 2.0, the second version of the company’s signature VR product for senior-care communities.

In March the company announced the launch of MyndConnect, an intergenerational communication platform for older adults intended to connect family members virtually and connect friends in a metaverse via HTC’s VIVE Flow immersive glasses.

Source: Mobihealthnews